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Skate Productions is a group production that builds architecture buildings and master level of building. In SkateProd, members design, plan, and brainstorm to create one of most thought-out completed assessments. Founded in October 29th, 2012, we enlist sophisticated members throughout Builders; approval of enlisting must be checked through all staff members.


News are in order from date and updates monthly

  • 10.29.12 | The SkateProd. Wikia is created and wiki is organized
  • 10.30.12 | Community Message and Defcon Level and Templates are unleashed
  • 10.31.12 | More templates are added

Did You Know?

Facts that you didn't know about SkateProd.

  • ...Skate Productions started early before the Wikia was ever made?
  • ...that we made over 100 projects so far?
  • ...that we have about 32 members in the production?
  • ...our projects on base on ROBLOX-made things?
  • ...we had 4 new members joining September and October?
  • ...that Skate Productions were originally called iCreate?

Express your choice

What projects are you hoping SkateProd will build?

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Our Defcon rating is currently at LEVEL 5 (Fade Out) Any vandalism that is shown should be reported on the blog as a referral. 

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